Age: 12 years old

Malik is a smart, polite, well-behaved young man! His current caregivers describe him as mature, funny, and good natured. He can be a bit shy and guarded at first so his adoptive family will need to be patient and consistent with him in order to build trust. Malik likes school and typically does very well. His favorite subject is reading and his least favorite subject is math. Malik enjoys playing video games and sports, particularly baseball. He has been playing in his local youth baseball league and has been doing very well with that – his team is currently undefeated! His favorite professional sports teams are the Red Sox and Patriots. Malik also enjoys cooking and is not a picky eater. His favorite foods are spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and steak. He is not a big fan of TV and would prefer to be playing video games or outside. Malik gets along well with peers and enjoys spending time with friends. Malik is open to all types of family make ups, with or without siblings or pets. It is very important to Malik that his adoptive family support continued phone contact between Malik and his birth mother. He would also really like to stay in the Clearwater area as he is hoping to be able to remain at his current school, continue to play in the same baseball league, and maintain his current friendships. Having an adoptive family that will support him continuing to play baseball is also very important to Malik.


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