Age: 13 years old
Born: December 2007

Madison is an intelligent 7th grader who would love to be an artist when she grows up. Madison loves gym class at school and when she comes home, she enjoys sleeping, drawing or coloring, swimming, and riding her bike outside. For food, Madison loves munching on Italian pizza while watching football on TV, especially her Tampa Bay Bucs!

If Madison had a superpower she would definitely want to be invisible. Her dreams include a pet dog, skydiving, and having a forever family to connect to. Madison believes that everyone should skydive at least once in their life (even though she hasn’t done so yet). People tell her that she has the most beautiful curls and she agrees.

Madison’s ideal family would include a mom or two moms who love her for who she is and who can talk with her about anything and everything. Madison also dreams of having a family to share her art with.

Photos Courtesy of Carol Walker/Thomas Bruce Studio