Age: 17 years old

Kaylin is a funny, sweet, smart, likeable teen girl. At times she can be outgoing and silly and other times she can be more reserved and serious. She enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, reading, and singing. Kaylin says that she is good at making friends and socializing. Kaylin enjoys receiving attention from caregivers and wants to know that people care about her. Kaylin reports that she likes school and enjoys listening to rap music. She is not a picky eater and likes many different foods. Kaylin says that good communication and respect are two qualities that are important for her future adoptive family to have. Kaylin would prefer to be in a home with a single female caregiver. She is open to there being other children in the home but would likely do best as the only child or only 1 other child in the home. Kaylin is open to some types of pets, but not others, and she does not want there to be a lot of animals in the home. She would prefer that her adoptive family be non-religious or if the family is religious, that they not require Kaylin to participate in their religious practices. Kaylin prefers that her adoptive family reside in the Tallahassee, Tampa, or Clearwater areas. Kaylin’s future adoptive family would also need to support Kaylin continuing to have contact with some of her biological family members. Kaylin has lots of potential and very much wants to find a family that is a good match for her.

Photo Credit: Heart Gallery of Sarasota


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