Age: 15 years old
Born: April 2005

Justin a sophomore in high school and although he doesn’t have a favorite subject, he does hope to do something with electronics or coding when he grows up.

Whether he is listening to alternative rock or playing video games, Justin likes that his friends see him as funny and smart. Justin likes that he has a strong sense of smell. If he had a pet he would want one just like his previous dog named Gadget.

If Justin could eat at a restaurant every day, it would be at Caption D’s. He thinks that telekinesis would be a really cool superpower to have, and more than anything he thinks that in life, having quality time with family is the most important thing. He is inspired by God and would love to ask Him what the meaning of life is.

Justin is a quiet, more serious kid, but behind that reserved face is someone who is looking for a family to spend time with, to have experiences with, and to be there for him.


Photos courtesy of Kaptured by KP
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