Age: 15 years old
Born: April 2005
LSF- 10460242

Justice is intuitive, innovative and spunky. Watch out friends, he is known to be quite the charmer! Justice’s lively personality is demonstrated by his bold hairstyles and stylish threads. JUST-ICE, as his friends call him, is also quite the athlete. He enjoys all sports, except golf, and he is good at the majority of them. Justice is also a foody! Justice bravely tries new recipes and is not afraid to experience new or unusual cuisines, one of his favorites being oxtails. He considers Chick-fil-A to be the best food, “On the Planet!” Why? Well, Justice claims it is one of the few places in town where you can find a decent shake, lol.

Justice really enjoys being academically challenged and he is really tech-savvy. It is no wonder that his favorite subject in school is science. Justice would like to be a program designer when he gets older. He is described as a good friend because he will be there for you, no matter what you are going through. Justice is recognized as a support system to fellow foster care kids and the voice of reason for his younger friends so that they can learn from his mistakes.

Justice’s ideal family is one who would accept him as himself and help him to develop the characteristics of a good man for the future. Justice is a seeker of traditions. He enjoys family dinners, game nights, and Disney marathons (Spoiler alert! Lion King is his go-to!). Justice wants a family who will involve him in decision making and be willing to try new things. Some of his most cherished memories are often around diverse experiences that he has shared with others. Justice wants a family that he can make memories with. Most importantly, he wants a family who won’t give up on him. He has a pet bunny and wants a dog, so having a family who is a lover of animals is a MUST!


Photographs courtesy of Brandi Image Photography

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photo of Justice