Age: 17 years old
Born: September 2004

James is an intelligent, sweet, and kind teenager. He is naturally quiet and a bit shy, too. James LOVES books, especially graphic novels. He recently read “The Silver Eyes” series, which is based on one of his favorite video games, “Five nights at Freddy’s.”

Like most teens, electronics and video games play a big part in James’ life, but he’s also really good at building with LEGO® bricks and he sees himself in robotics in the future. While definitely interested in all things tech, James also has a hover board that motivates him to go outside and play.

James’ favorite movies are usually comedy or suspense/horror and he recently enjoyed the new Harley Quin movie. James has a passion for rings—big huge rings—and he has a bunch of them! He loves hamburgers, chocolate milkshakes, tacos and pizza, but you can have the fries. His favorite color is purple and he wants you to know that he is a night owl.

James needs a family who can help him as he navigates life with limited and diminishing vision. He tells us his family MUST HAVE ANIMALS, and he’d like to be the only child, but having only one other child around—preferably a brother—would be OK. His ideal family is simply one who will love, understand and accept him.


Updated photos courtesy of Skip Milos Productions
Original photos courtesy of Remember This

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