Age: 16 years old
Born: September 2004


James is an intelligent, sweet, and kind teenager. He is naturally quiet and a bit shy, too. James is an avid reader and his sense of humor is on the dry but intelligent side. Those who know James will tell you he is a good friend to others, he is responsible, loyal, and very trustworthy.

Like most teens, James likes electronics and video games and has an interest in robotics. James is a devoted Marvel Comics fan whose favorite character is Ironman. If you want to know why, be sure to watch his video. The home where James is currently living is planning a big summer outing to Comic Con. We can’t tell you what his costume will be, but James is about 6’5” and he has designed and is creating his costume in preparation. I am sure it will be amazing, like James. All we know is that his favorite color is purple and that James is a night owl, so he is probably putting a lot of hours into the costume.

James loves chocolate. And grilled cheese. In fact, if he could eat both every day, James would love that. With a love of animals, James would like a home with pets so that he can help out and give them lots of attention. James needs a family to help him transition from foster care in order to fulfil his dreams of college and a career in engineering perhaps.  You are the ideal family if you will love and accept him as he is and help him find his way through life after foster care. And don’t forget the chocolate, grilled cheese and pets!

Updated photos & video courtesy of Skip Milos Productions

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