Age: 16 years old
Born: December 2003

Jamal is in the 10th grade and he is very chill.  In fact, that is what he wants in a family as well, just be chill. Don’t get angry at him for being a teenager, he’s just doing things that teenagers do, or as he says, “reasonable teenager stuff”.  His favorite subject in school was driver’s ed, but he passed that already. He has dreams and goals that a family can help him with. He thinks the best family would be a mom and dad, an older sister and a younger brother. Why? Because having an older sister seems normal, and having the opportunity to be a big brother is something he is really hoping for – he wants to help that young man, pay it forward. A single mom would be OK too because then Jamal could be the man of the house. Any race, ethnicity is fine…if you speak Spanish, he’ll ask you to help him learn to speak Spanish. For chores, he doesn’t mind taking out the trash and sweeping. He claims that half of his room is always neat and perfect, but the other half, that is where everything else piles up.

Jamal likes psychology. If he could have a super power he would have telekinesis so that he could find out, “You said what? What were you thinking?”.  Jamal does not have a favorite super hero, but he does have a favorite villain – and that would be The Joker – he has the outfit, some memorabilia, and would welcome more.

Jamal does want a family that will hang out with him, maybe play a game of Monopoly, watch movies, play video games or shoot hoops together. Jamal has relatives in the area and if his adoptive family doesn’t live in Tampa Bay, that’s cool, as long as they are open to traveling to this area so they can stay in touch. Jamal’s favorite food is a cheese burger with “normal” toppings, like lettuce and tomato. Jamal’s dream vacation would be anywhere with a beach and an ocean…but not around here, he’s been to the beaches here…maybe the Caribbean or Hawaii.

Photography by Marina B. Photos.

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