Age: 15 years old

Henry is in 6th grade. His favorite class is band as music plays a big part in his life, and you should know that Henry plays the trumpet. Henry’s favorite music artist is Marshmallow a DJ, however, Imagine Dragons is his inspiration in life. But his creativity doesn’t stop there! Henry also enjoys writing songs, drawing, and coloring.

Henry knows that when he is older he wants to be a paleontologist. He knows a lot of information about dinosaurs already. His favorite dinosaur is the TREX as he is so big. Henry likes pizza with pepperoni and Hawaiian toppings, as well as reading (the Hobbit is his favorite), cats, and Batman. If he had a superpower he would want to have super speed.

Henry’s best quality is that he helps people. Henry likes to treat himself well and make sure he is eating well. He is looking for a family with a therapeutic background specifically when it comes to anger management. He says, “I try to breathe but sometimes I can’t control it.” He is looking for a mom and a dad and older siblings.


Photos courtesy of Skip Milos Productions