Your adoption journey begins when you first begin researching adoption as an option for your family and it doesn’t end at finalization. The Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco supports our adoption community at all points on your adoption journey through our monthly Family Fun Night meet-ups where families come together to enjoy time with a community of people living the adoption life.

Because we know how much life changes with adoption, we are continually seeking ways to bring our community together to celebrate adoption. Watch for free events and announcements on Facebook and Twitter and get involved!


Eckerd – The First Name in Second Chances

Eckerd Connects is the lead child welfare agency for our circuit. Adopting a child from foster care in Pinellas and Pasco counties means you are adopting a child through Eckerd and one of their Case Management Organizations.  To learn more about the adoption process within Eckerd, please go to Eckerd’s website.


Every child on the Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco receives Adoption Case Management supervision through a local child welfare Case Management Organization. The child’s Heart Gallery ID will identify one the three agencies listed.

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Adoption Related Services of Pinellas – The mission of Adoption Related Services of Pinellas (ARSP) is to keep adoptive families together and enhance attachment in the parent-child relationship through counseling and other supportive services. ARSP provides services across Central Florida using counselors trained in adoption competency and trauma competency tenets and employs counselors with a passion for family-focused counseling.

Important Numbers Knowing who to call when you need help shouldn’t ever be a stumbling block to you feeling supported through your adoption journey. To get a complete listing of who is answering the phones in our circuit or anywhere across Pinellas County, go to Important Numbers hosted by the Pinellas County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association.

Destiny Adoption Services and Consulting, Inc. – The Destiny Design Program was developed to advocate for families adopting from the child welfare system. To learn more about how Destiny Adoption Services can help you through your adoption journey, please call (727) 202-8966.

Family Tyes Counseling and Consulting – From teaching adoption trainings, to writing family studies, to guidance through the matching process, Family Tyes does it all.

Associations Attending trainings and learn about the resources available in Pasco County to deal with the many challenges you may face in raising our children.