Siblings: Erabella, Jacob, and Jordan


Erabella: LSF-102698866, DOB 8/25/2012
Jacob: LSF-104180765,  DOB 10/6/2013
Jordan: LSF- 10431512, DOB 7/2/2003

Erabella is a sweet and energetic girl. She enjoys playing outside at the park or inside with her dolls. Erabella likes to spend time with her brothers, but also enjoys her alone time and she is good at keeping herself occupied. Erabella likes watching The Disney Channel and reading picture books. She is a big animal lover! She loves any animal from our furry friends to reptiles, especially lizards!
Jacob is outgoing and friendly. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and playing with his trucks. He likes to be artistic by coloring and finger painting. Jacob loves his siblings. His sister, Erabella is one of his best friends and they can play together all day! They enjoy playing with trucks and barbies. He also enjoys being around his older brother, Jordan!
Jordan is a hopeful child with a good heart. For fun, Jordan likes hanging out with his friends. In his free time, Jordan likes to design and create clothes and he hopes to make that his career one day! Jordan wants to be adopted by a family who will accept him for who he is and care for him.
The bond between Erabella, Jacob and Jordan is unbreakable. They love spending time with each other and are looking forward to being adopted one day!

Photographs by: Imagine Pro Photography

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