Age: 3 years old
Born: December 2016
ID: LSF-105642444

Elliot’s favorite toys are cars! He likes cause and effect things like opening and closing doors. He is a very sweet and caring young boy, and when he forms a connection with you he will be your shadow. Elliot loves affection and hugs and makes great eye contact. He loves to explore his surroundings and is very food driven but can overeat if not closely monitored. He is the best helper when it comes to doing laundry and cleaning up. If you lead by example and show him how it’s done, he will enjoy finishing the task at hand.

He loves the park, especially when he can climb on the playground – he’s a really good climber! Elliot also loves the pool where he can “swim” with his floaties. Elliot enjoys the beach and Busch Gardens.

Elliot has medical and therapeutic needs that would be best served by a two-parent home, ideally with an at-home caregiver. Elliot needs his forever family to know that his daily needs may extend into adulthood, so patience, consistency and advocacy are key ingredients for the best home. Elliot continues to thrive and shine his bright light in this world. He is starting to pick up some speech and has an easier time speaking Spanish than English, so a bilingual family would be a great bonus.


Photos by Mike Carlson
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