Age: 13 years old
Born: January 2010

Eli is in the 7th grade and his favorite subjects in school are art and math class. Creative and giving, Eli loves to build with LEGO bricks and has a special skill where he creates origami and gifts them to his loved ones. Eli is the artistic, loving, sweet type, and though he may need some time to adjust, he really wants to be a part of a family that loves him. After school, he likes to throw the football around or go fishing, and when it’s time to come inside he likes to help clean around the house and watch cartoons. One of his favorite shows to watch on TV is Animal Planet.

Eli says that he would eat chicken nuggets and garlic bread every day if he could, but he also likes hamburgers and spaghetti. Eli enjoys playing outside, and he is a really fun and goofy kids with those that he feels comfortable around. A good outing for Eli would be seeing a movie or going bowling.

The ideal family would be a mom and dad who can consistently support and love him. Eli benefits from therapeutic services so it is important that his forever family provides a lot of positive reinforcement and access to services as he grows. While Eli is used to being the only child, he would love to have siblings.


Photos Courtesy of Marina Berdnik

Heart Art by Eli H