Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Senior CareConnect

Maintaining independence is vital in an aging loved one’s life

Maintaining independence is vital in an aging loved one’s life.

As families spread across the country, it becomes more and more difficult to care for loved ones long-distance.

Senior Care Connect provides a safe and secure environment for disabled and elderly community members who have no local family support by being an “on location” family member to link seniors to essential services.

Senior Care Connect provides peace of mind, knowing that loved ones of long-distance family members are well cared for.

One family’s response:

“Our caregivers were just what the doctor ordered.

We can only offer the highest praise for the empathy, understanding and giving shown to our father. Laura Freed provided information and suggestions when needed, she helped take care of financial matters and was attentive to his health. Additionally, Laura kept in close contact with us and alerted us to any problems.

It was essential for his wellbeing.”


I worry if my mother’s medications are being administered properly.

  • Senior Care Connect provides coordination and monitoring of medical care.

My father isn’t able to get around like he used to.

  • Our caregivers help keep loved ones active and motivated.

My grandmother’s Social Security check was late. Again.

  • We can help obtain benefits and advocate for essential services.

Senior Care Connect assesses each individual client’s needs with a comprehensive in-home evaluation and develops a comprehensive, personalized care plan with passionate caregivers.


Senior Care Connect
14041 Icot Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33760

Senior Care Connect is a private-pay service.

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