Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Caregiver Support Group

creating a happier, healthier environment for both the caregivers and their loved ones

The Gulf Coast Caregiver Support Groups are specifically designed to assist and care for the caregiver of an aging or ailing loved one. Caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke or other such illness are all welcome.

Support groups offer understanding and comfort and are a safe haven to express the caregiver’s confusion, anger or grief. In return, caregivers receive constructive and non-judgmental support in their time of need.

Group leaders and counselors intrinsically understand the stress in living with the ongoing and constant change associated with aging or infirm elders and the support from others in the group provide empathetic comprehension for a variety of common experiences inherent in adult caregiving.

Weekly meetings are designed to educate and inform the caregiver, build confidence, and increase emotional and mental clarity, creating a happier, healthier environment for both the caregivers and their loved ones.

Are you feeling…

Bewildered by personality or behavior changes in your loved one?
Confused about the nature of this illness and what to expect as it goes on?
Frustrated by having to cope with the changes it has brought about in your own life?
Irritated by all the stupid little things you “should” be able to handle?
Angry at how your lives have been completely disrupted and it just isn’t fair?
Guilty because you’re feeling angry and upset?
Lost because you’re not sure where or how or whether to ask for help?

Meetings Each Tuesday Morning

9:30 to 11am
Northwest Presbyterian Church
6330 54 Avenue North
Kenneth City

Meetings Each Friday Morning

9:30 to 11:30am
Largo Adult Daycare
11095 131 Street North

All caregivers welcome.  No need to register  or call in advance


Some “do’s” and “dont’s” for caregivers

DO remember always that the most crucial person in this situation is you.

DO continue to express your affection and caring for your loved one.

DO share your frustrations with a support group, and not with your loved one.

DON’T allow yourself to become exhausted and/or totally stressed out.

DON’T think you can or “should” handle this all alone. Help is available; take advantage of it.

DON’T despair! You can do this.

DON’T miss this golden opportunity to do something good for yourself!


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