Age: 17 years old
Born: June, 2003

At 17 years old and in the 12th grade, Darrius needs a parent or parents as soon as possible.  He just wants to be adopted by a family that will listen to what he has to say, that’s all.  Darius is a very nice person, quiet, minding his own business and looking forward to college or a trade school. Darius likes math, especially geometry because he likes solving puzzles.  He is not sure what professional career he wants yet, but with a family, maybe they can help him look at all his options.

Darius’s favorite breakfast includes a croissant or two, and for other meals, well, peperoni pizza is just fine. Tall and athletic, Darius is always up for a game of basketball.  His favorite pro team is the Lakers.  That said, he isn’t big on watching basketball, he’d rather be playing the game. In his spare time, Darius also likes video games, UNO and spending time on his phone with friends.  Speed would be his super power of choice – that would be fun. When asked what his friends would say about him, he said, “They would tell you I’m mean, but they would just be joking.  They would then tell you that I’m fun to hang around with.”.  Let’s get Darius adopted as soon as possible.

Photo Credit: Kaptured by KP

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