Age: 14 years old
Born: October 2006

Danae is in the 7th grade and her favorite subject is math. Danae does very well academically with ambition to go to Plant City Highschool where she can explore the arts. She is very smart with a high IQ to prove it. One of her strengths is her inquisitive nature. Danae is very tech savvy and wants to work in IT when she grows up.

Danae loves to perform and is very creative as well. She will tell you that she is the perfect mix between a tomboy and a girly-girl. The girly things she likes to do are make-up, coloring her hair, doing nails, and shopping. Her tomboy nature shines when she plays football and basketball, plays outside and gets dirty.

Like most teenagers, Danae likes to play the video games, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Her favorite superheroes are Thor, Flash and Ironman. If she had a superpower she would want teleportation.

At times Danae can have a very tough exterior but once she trusts you, she begins to open up and is very fun, loving and caring. She is very energetic and loves to keep others on their toes often (smart children need a lot of stimulation).

Danae would thrive well in a home where she can be the center of attention such as being a single child in a home or with older siblings. She hopes her forever family will understand her life is in Plant City, and her friends there are of utmost importance. She hopes that her forever family will have a pool and enjoy doing camping trips as a family. But most of all she asks that you lead a compassionate lifestyle.


Photos courtesy of Case Management
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