Age: 11 years old
Born: December 2008

Adventurous and independent, Crysyant, who also goes by, Crys, likes most that’s he smart. He particularly knows a lot about turtles, which make him very happy. It is his hope to have a turtle as a pet someday. If he could, Crysyant would spend hours at the park feeding and observing them, happy to tell you their species names.
But if he can’t go turtle watching, Crysyant also enjoys climbing trees – which he’s happy to tell you he is very good at – or riding his bicycle. He hopes to be able to do bike tricks someday, like popping wheelies.
At school, Crysyant likes his math class. His favorite foods are spaghetti and tacos, but hold the curry spice, please. It is Crysyant’s dream to be a police officer someday and to change the world by putting an end to racism.
Crysyant’s ideal forever family would have a mom and dad, who are active, while keeping him on track. Liking reptiles is a bonus!

Photos courtesy of Brandi Image Photography

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