Intervention Services

Intervention Services

Intervention Services provides substance abuse intervention services for adults 18 years and older in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties who present with risk factors for substance misuse.  This in-home program provides individualized screening, assessment, and intervention through education, short-term problem solving, advocacy, referral, and follow-up to reduce risk factors and the need for more extensive treatment.

If you or someone you know displays any of the warning signs, please call 727.479.1803.

Contact Information

14041 Icot Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33760
P: 727.479.1803
F: 727.450.7271

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Helping you approach your loved one in a supportive and constructive manner

Warning Signs that should prompt a referral

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Warning Signs

Changes in sleeping patterns
Persistent irritability
Unexplained chronic pain
Unusual restlessness or agitation
Complaints of blurred vision or dry mouth
Changes in eating habits
Slurred speech
Frequent falls or unexplained bruising

Medication Misuse Warning Signs

General loss of interest
Memory trouble after taking medication
Loss of coordination
Being unsure or oneself
Having trouble concentrating
Excessive fatigue or wakefulness
Confusion about medication use

Depression Warning Signs

Being easily upset
Social isolation
Lack of energy
Increased forgetfulness
Neglecting self care
Crying easily
Believing that one can’t do anything worthwhile
Feeling hopeless or overwhelmed
Thinking life isn’t worth living

Intervention strategies include:

  • In-home assessment
  • Motivational interviews and awareness training
  • Education and feedback
  • Goal setting
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Use of self help material
  • Referrals and linkage to community resources
  • Follow-up meetings (if necessary)

We can help you approach your loved one in a supportive and constructive manner, and help them change destructive behavior.

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