Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Facility

Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Facility

Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Facility is a 16‑bed-level 2 state-licensed residential treatment program in Pasco County for adult’s age 18+ who have a diagnosed mental illness and may have co-occurring substance abuse issues.  The program accepts non-violent forensic referrals that would be better served in a community setting.  Services include medication management and education, recovery-oriented life skills training, psychosocial rehabilitation, substance abuse counseling, individual therapy, and other supports for up to three or eight months.

Contact Information

2425 Chatlin Road
Holiday, FL 34691
P: 727.943.4847

Photo of yard behind/outside the facility

A community setting of support

What our clients are saying about our services:

With the help of the Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Program staff, one client that had lost touch with his family for over 15 years, was able to locate and eventually be reunited with his family. One client completed and graduated from the program and is now employed by Gulf Coast JFCS.

Another client had lost contact with his mother for more than 10 years. The Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Program staff was able to effectively open the lines of communication between them and now they talk every day.

Additional Services Include: 

  • Daily treatment groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Food preparation employment training
  • Voluntary resident work programs
  • Access to outside AA/NA programs and meetings
  • Areas and encouragement for physical exercise

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