Community Services

Community Services

Strengthening our community is what we are about. Our varied and diverse community programs provide support for individuals during all stages of life, from children to senior citizens. Gulf Coast JFCS community programs are open and accessible to all, though certain programs require participants to meet eligibility requirements or pay a fee.


Within our community services, our behavioral health services has a number of initiatives, including residential and intervention programs. Each are developed to address the unique needs of individuals who are working to overcome substance abuse, to manage mental health, or to gain control of debilitating behaviors which prevent them from living independent and productive lives. Services are provided onsite in residential facilities, through home or school visits, or in our offices, according to the need and level of support required.

Gulf Coast JFCS

Our Mission

Inspired by Jewish values, we protect the vulnerable and help people achieve fulfilling lives by empowering individuals and strengthening families.

Our Services

Adele Gilbert Residential Treatment Facility

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Providing a residential treatment program for adults who are chronically ill in Pasco County.

Adult Residential Treatment and Stabilization

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A residential treatment program in Broward County for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

Alternative Family Program

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A welcoming home for those with mental illness.

Community Assistance & Life Liaison Program

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Highly trained social workers answer nonviolent 911 calls for the St. Petersburg Police Department. This partnership allows police officers to focus on service calls where public safety is most impacted.

Darlington Residential Treatment Facility

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Providing short-term residential treatment to adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness who may or may not also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

Domestic Violence Technical Assistance Program

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Building capacity to respond to domestic and family violence clients may be experiencing.

Duke Energy Utilities Assistance

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Once-annual assistance for Gulf Coast JFCS clients in Pinellas County in paying their Duke Energy utility bill.

Fuente Credito

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A micro-loan option to help Gulf Coast JFCS clients and staff qualify for loans from responsible financial institutions.

Intervention Services

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Help in addressing adult substance abuse or misuse through in-home support in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties.

Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program

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Assisting parents in establishing a pattern of regular child support payments.


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Educational presentations focusing on the prevention of substance abuse and increasing healthy behaviors in our communities.

Refugee Micro-Enterprise Development

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Promoting refugee women’s entrepreneurship and normalizing business ownership.

Supported Housing/Living Program

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Assistance for adults with serious mental illness to transition to independent living.

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Volunteers are the life-blood of Gulf Coast JFCS.  We are proud of the ongoing commitment demonstrated by hundreds of volunteers each year.

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There are many ways you can be a part of making your community better by working with Gulf Coast JFCS.