Age: 10 years old
Born: June 2011

Christopher is a fun 5th grader who is looking for his future family to play football with him and help him answer all of the questions he has able life and the world around him. He’s not sure yet what he wants to be when he grows up, but he does like to learn about math and writing in school, so the possibilities are endless! If Christopher could have any pet, he thinks having a cat would be really cool.

Christopher likes to listen to country music the most and his favorite food is Mexican food, although he really doesn’t enjoy broccoli or seafood. He also enjoys riding his scooter outside, playing baseball with his friends, and watching cooking shows.

Christopher would do best with a family who likes to travel and who will have unconditional love for him.

Photos courtesy of Skip Milos Productions

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Christopher (YFA-102019866)