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Violence Prevention Program
– for middle school students

Building Skills For Success

The Violence Prevention Program is designed to give your child the tools for a more successful school experience.

An In-Class Prevention Program (for all 6th graders) is taught by a trained Prevention Specialist using the nationally recognized skill- based Second-Step Prevention Curriculum.

For additional support, Skill-Building Groups offer specialized tools to increase each child’s potential for success. You can enroll your child by calling the Prevention Specialist at your child’s school.

A full time Prevention Specialist on-site provides:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Anger management
  • Skill-building groups
  • Crisis intervention

In addition, the Prevention Specialist serves as a resource for any parent needing additional information or assistance with their child. Research shows important connections between social and emotional skills and academic achievement.

What students are saying about the program…

“I really like this program. It has taught me a lot. The classes teach us about a lot of things we would not learn somewhere else.” Sixth grade student

“Love this program. I can tell if something is wrong with my friends. If they are depressed, I can try and do something for them. I have learned a lot. Thank you.” Seventh grade student

“The teacher helps kids who feel bored and who are going to fight. I have learned a lot about controlling my anger.” Sixth grade student

In-Class Prevention Program available to 6th grade

Second Step lessons teach and reinforce core ethical values that include:

  • Fairness
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Self-discipline
Skill-Building Groups available to all grades

by enrolling your child you can help them:

  • Improve communication with teachers
  • Solve problems
  • Recognize bullying and learn what to do if they are bullied
  • Learn how to control their anger
  • Learn how to cope with stress
  • Make better choices
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Set goals
  • Avoid referrals and out of school suspensions

The Violence Prevention Program is available at these Middle Schools and staffed by these specialists:

Azalea Yolanda McGill-Fintak 893-2606
Dunedin Highland  Denise Burdsall 469-4112
John Hopkins Liz Delgado 893-2400 ext.137
 Rose Angela Rudd 893-2400
Meadowlawn Rickesa McQueen 570-3097 ext.2066
Morgan Fitzgerald Lisa Patterson 547-4526 ext.2049
Oak Grove Klara Lovett 524-4430 ext.2108
Pinellas Park Kate Konidaris 545-6400
  Helen Turner 545-6400 ext.2014
Tarpon Springs TyRhonda Taylor 943-5511 ext.2021
Tyrone Debora Hamilton 893-1819

The Violence Prevention Program is made available to middle schools by GCJFCS and the Juvenile Welfare Board. It is an evidence-based program with a history of demonstrated success in Pinellas County.

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