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Child Protective Services – Polk County

finding safe and responsible solutions

CPS Mulberry provides case management services for families in Polk County who have been referred to the Department of Children & Families due to allegations of abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.

Case management services are tailor-made to fit each individual families’ needs, whether in the home or in the community; with a keen focus on reducing the length of time in out-of-home placement scenarios.

Our case managers strive to think ‘out of the box’ when it comes to finding safe and responsible solutions to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Success Stories:

How boxing lessons brought self esteem to two brothers:

Two brothers in the care of CPS Mulberry wanted to learn the sport of boxing. Case management arranged for boxing lessons through a community-run program and the boys immediately began to respond in a positive manner. They showed marked improvements in school, starting with regular attendance. Their behavior and attitude in their foster care families became better, and re-establishing their family relationships became much easier for them. All because someone cared enough to help find them a structured outlet.

How a father and daughter were reunited and how it changed their life:

One of the father’s in the care of CPS Mulberry was working on obtaining custody of his teenage daughter. He received assistance with housing, employment and counseling services. His own self-esteem has improved, along with his daughter’s, and they now feel they have everything they need for their new life together.

The program provides:
  • Child abuse prevention
  • Family crisis intervention and preservation – providing short-term services for families to assist with keeping families intact
  • Diversion services – to avoid unnecessarily removing children from their home and helping to preserve families
  • Independent living guidance for teens in foster care and those aging-out of child welfare
  • Supervision, keeping children in a safe and stable environment
  • Case management – Dependency court supervision
  • Foster and residential care management
  • Adoption placement
  • Foster parent and adoption recruitment and training

3939 US Highway 98 South, Suite 104
Lakeland, FL 33812
Phone: 863.614.9156


provided by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Heartland for Children.

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