Sunday, February 25th, 2018

FACES project:
Adults Mentoring Children

Adults Mentoring Children matches at risk children with trained adult and senior volunteers, providing supportive relationships that expose the children to positive role models, helping develop self-esteem, and providing a sense of stability in their uncertain lives.


Children are like little gardens.

The things that surround them change and affect the way they develop, whether it is an environmental influence or the influence of another person. Children, like gardens, can grow and flourish with constant care, attention, and most importantly, love. The Adults Mentoring Children program has given four-year-old Bianca the chance to blossom with the guidance and compassion of her mentor, Barbara.

Bianca lives with her older brother and physically disabled grandmother. Barbara has opened the door to many activities outside of the home that Bianca otherwise would not be able to experience. Barbara believes it is important to give every child a chance and Bianca’s grandmother is extremely grateful to have someone like Barbara take Bianca out to go bowling, to the mall or to the skating rink.

Bianca was Barbara’s first match and the two are almost inseparable. As a mentor, Barbara could not be more qualified. She is patient and she has the kindest heart, not to mention a history of working with children. The thing that makes the two so compatible is simply their fondness and respect for one other.

Bianca’s shy smile is always shining when she’s with Barbara. She calls Barbara her “Auntie” and phones her every morning to see what she has planned for the day. Barbara has helped Bianca build her self-image and self-esteem and learn how to be a lady. She is polite and well-mannered. Though very shy around others, her behavior could not be better. Barbara looks upon Bianca with such adoration in her eyes—such affection—that it’s not hard to see the success of this match.

Barbara and Bianca’s friendship has blossomed thanks to Adults Mentoring Children. As Barbara continues to tend to her, Bianca will always have a close connection with her gardener, her mentor, and her friend—Auntie.

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