Violence Prevention Program

Violence Prevention Program

Violence Prevention Program is an evidence-based intervention offered in nine Pinellas County middle schools to decrease disruptive, aggressive, bullying behavior and substance abuse while simultaneously introducing, practicing and role-playing pro-social behaviors that improve academic performance and overall student success.

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14041 Icot Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33760
P: 727.479.1804
F: 727.450.7271

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Providing your child with the tools for a more successful school experience.

What students are saying about the program…

“I really like this program. It has taught me a lot. The classes teach us about a lot of things we would not learn somewhere else.”

Sixth grade student

“Love this program. I can tell if something is wrong with my friends. If they are depressed, I can try and do something for them. I have learned a lot. Thank you.”

Seventh grade student

“The teacher helps kids who feel bored and who are going to fight. I have learned a lot about controlling my anger.”

Sixth grade student

In-Class Prevention Program available to 6th grade

Second Step lessons teach and reinforce core ethical values that include:


Skill-Building Groups available to all grades

By enrolling your child you can help them:

Improve communication with teachers
Set goals
Learn how to cope with stress
Avoid referrals and out of school suspensions
Make better choices
Learn how to control their anger
Solve problems
Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs
Recognize bullying and learn what to do if they are bullied

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