Brianna L

Age: 12 years old
Born: June 2008

Brianna is in the 6th grade and her favorite subjects are math and computer science because that’s what her favorite teacher teaches. Brianna sees herself as very smart and intelligent, and her friends also tell her that she is the jokester of the group. She is nice, caring, vary talkative, and she is not afraid to stand up for others and herself. When Brianna grows up, she hopes to be a mother with a family of her own.

Brianna enjoys volleyball and she loves to be outdoors at the park or the beach, be in the sun, and hang out with her friends. When she is indoors, she likes to watch movies – especially during the holidays.

Her go-to’s for snacks include pizza, hot dogs, and any kind of noodles like spaghetti or macaroni, but she is definitely staying away from broccoli or carrots. Yuck! She also like the occasional trip to Golden Corral, her favorite restaurant.

Brianna would thrive well in a home where she can tell jokes, share stories, and not have to be homeschooled since she can get easily distracted. She hopes to have a mom, a dad, and a little sister she can be an inspiration to – and maybe a dog named Bella!


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brianna outside by tree

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