Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Survey of the Jewish Community

6306132745_ef51f4a395_zA survey to take place in early 2017 is the result of a collaborative effort of Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services and The Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco counties, area congregations and The TOP Foundation.

“It’s a significant partnership,” says Dr. Sandra Braham, president and CEO, “We have synagogues, rabbis and community volunteers who are helping to write the survey to make sure the questions are relevant to our community.”

This will be the community’s first survey in 23 years.

“We want to find out where our community lives, what their families look like and what they’re interested in,” said Emilie Socash, executive director of the Jewish Federation. “And from that, we hope to better serve the community. We are asking everything, from basic demographics, like age, how many members of the household are Jewish, attitudes about Israel, to participation in Jewish cultural events and social service needs.”

Phone calls begin in early 2017, but an educational campaign will be launched to inform the community about this important undertaking.

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