Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Senior Care Connect

Senior CareConnect … Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

It starts with a concerned phone call from a loving son or daughter troubled about their mother or father to our JFS staff. Often times the call is from out of the area.  Their parents vital needs are simply too great and overwhelming for them to address from afar. They speak of awaking at night worried about their mother or father’s health concerns and if their basic needs are being met. During the call, the care manager can hear the tone of their voice change from distressed to one of relief, knowing affordable services exist to give them the peace of mind they so desperately seek. This peace of mind is created by Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Service’s Senior CareConnect program.

Care managers are experts in the field of aging and disabilities.  Senior CareConnect helps elderly adults and their families manage their day-to-day living arrangements. We  visit with the elderly loved one, complete a comprehensive assessment and help link our clients with services they need to safely remain in their home whenever possible. We establish and maintain regular contact with the family and service providers – acting as a liaison, an advocate, an additional pair of eyes, ears and arms.

There is never a need to carry the responsibility of your loved one alone. Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Service’s Senior CareConnect program is just a phone call away.


Senior Care Connect
14041 Icot Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33760

Senior Care Connect is a private-pay service.




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