Age: 2 years old
Born: May 2017


Although Bianka has medical needs, she has come a long way toward independence in the past year. Bianka loves music and books. She will listen intently as you read books to her. Bianka loves to play at the playground. Her favorite playground fun is climbing the ladders and playing with the various built-in games. With a little assistance, Bianka will brave the slide. She loves the ducks in the park and chasing after them.
Bianka’s vocabulary is growing every day. She is more active than she is vocal. Bianka is a sweet and happy child who gets a lot of joy from hugs and interactive attention. She loves scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. Bianka also enjoys pasta and chicken dishes. Her absolute favorite dish is chicken, yellow rice and beans!
Bianka will need a family where she can continue to thrive and grow, learning about the world with a lot of touch, sound and guidance.

Photos by: Imagine Pro Photography

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