Age: 8 years old
Born: October 2011
LSF- 103911871

Alivia is a special girl!  People who have met her will tell you that you will fall instantly in love with her angel-like spirit. Alivia is nonverbal, legally blind and has limited mobility, however, Alivia is playful and happy, and thrives around music!

Once she gets to know you, she will let her guard down and charm you with her inner joy.

Alivia likes crunchy food, such as chips and pretzels, but is otherwise a picky eater.

Whenever music comes on she becomes elated and will bob her head or “dance” to the best of her ability. She would surely flourish in a family of musicians.

Outside of music, bath time and hugs are things she truly enjoys. Alivia will always need a lot of assistance in her daily life, so a family with experience raising a special needs child would be great.

Her ideal family would engage her in dance movement or music therapy which would likely help increase her mobility and allow her to express herself in her element. Alivia needs a family that is medically trained, protective, and ready to advocate on her behalf to provide the kind of loving, nurturing, musical life that she so definitely deserves.


Photographs courtesy of  Skip Milos.
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