Saturday, January 20th, 2018


Our Vision

          To be the trusted source of care and support for all people in need.

Our Mission

         Inspired by Jewish values, we protect the vulnerable and help people achieve fulfilling lives by empowering individuals and strengthening families.

We provide…

 Jewish Families with services that connect them to the Jewish community and improve their lives,

Children and Families in need with intensive support to ensure stability, safety and well-being,

Refugees with basic services that support them to successfully adapt to life in America,

Unemployed Non‐Custodial Parents with the skills to find jobs, support their families and be better parents,

Elderly and Disabled with support services enabling them to live independently, safely and with dignity, and

Individuals with Behavioral Health Challenges with the tools necessary to function well in society.

Our Values

Our vast array of services and programs serves a diverse population both Jewish and non-Jewish, including all ages, faiths, cultures and lifestyles. Guided by the Jewish tradition of repairing the world, we are committed to:

RespectTreating people with dignity and compassion
Relevance: Providing culturally sensitive services to all
EmpowermentEncouraging and empowering clients to independence
Creativity: Developing creative and innovative services to reflect a changing community
HonestyDemonstrating integrity and professionalism
CollaborationPartnering with others to broaden our reach
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