Sunday, February 25th, 2018


For more than 50 years, Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services has been providing essential services to our community’s most needy and vulnerable populations. Beginning with one social worker and a secretary in a small office, Gulf Coast now employs over 370 case managers agency-wide and boasts a point-in-time case load of more than 6,000 individuals. We interact with virtually every arena of social services covering a 37 county area and provide a wide range of family support and counseling services.

For such a large agency, these numbers, statistics, and workforce only symbolize a small picture and mean nothing unless you can see the faces of the men, women, and children whose lives are changed every day by Gulf Coast.

No human being should be forced to live his or her life below what is deserved. Life is a gift. Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services strives to give those in need the resources, the tools, and the motivation for a fulfilling life.

We are teachers; providing guidance and instruction to the uncertain. We are caregivers; providing compassion and tenderness to the frail and vulnerable. We are a shoulder to lean on; counseling those who need guidance and someone to share their pain with, and we provide the support to overcome adversity. We are guards; protecting the innocent from injustice, and shielding them from fear and torment. We are many things to the people we serve, but the role we take that shines above all others; the role we are most proud of is that we create a family of support.

Every Gulf Coast employee is aware of the positive impact they have because each one of them is deeply connected to the people they help. There are many organizations that provide services to those in need, but what makes Gulf Coast so special is our staff. It is a staff of people charged with determination for success. It is a staff of people who are experts in identifying where help is needed. It is a staff of people imbued with so much compassion and empathy, they treat their clients the way they treat a member of their own family.

Because that’s what it is all about—the kind of closeness, support, sincerity, and concern that is found in a loving family. The Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services family.

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