MATCHED: Siblings: Sarah, Ella, Sadey, Ethan, and Nathan



Age: 17
Born: June, 2003

Sarah is the oldest sister of the bunch and she is in 12th grade. Sarah likes to spend her time sleeping and reading, and her friends would tell you that she is funny, smart and supportive. Sarah likes to watch the Bucs play with her little brothers. She enjoys all kinds of music except jazz, and she loves to snack on fried chicken and Chinese food. She would like to work in the Forensic Science field when she’s older and what she likes most about herself is her eyes. Sarah’s ideal family would be very supportive and able to take her and her siblings on all sorts of adventures.


Age: 10
Born: April, 2009

Ella is in 6th grade and her favorite part of school is gym class. Ella likes to watch the Chicago Bears and also enjoys spending time with her friends and going shopping. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up and if she had a super power, she would want to be invisible. Ella’s best friends would tell you that she always has snacks which usually include her favorites – ham and cheese Hot Pockets or Steak and Shake. Ella thinks that everyone should be able to go on a plane at least once in their life to explore somewhere new. Ella wants a family with young parents for her and her siblings so that they can do lots of things together.


Age: 10
Born: November, 2010

Sadey is the youngest of the girls, and the middle child of the bunch.  Sadey loves to skate, color, and play with her friends. She is in 5th grade and she loves to learn about art, but she isn’t so much a fan of sports. Sadey hopes to work with foster kids when she grows up. Her big sister Sarah, is an inspiration to her to be better every day. Sadey’s favorite snacks are Takis corn chips and she also enjoys having breakfast for dinner. Sadey loves that she is smart and kind, and her ideal family would include cool parents with pets and a pool.


Age: 4
Born: April, 2016

Ethan is an outdoorsy child. He enjoys playing outside at the playground or exploring new parks with his twin brother Nathan, and his three sisters Ella, Sarah, and Sadey. Ethan likes to learn letters and math and he also enjoys listening to rock and roll music. Ethan is always asking questions, mostly about all sorts of animals. Ethan likes watching the Bucs and the Lightning play, but when he grows up he wants to be a superhero AND a teacher! Ethan loves to snack on pasta, popcorn, or ice cream, and he is proud of himself for always being funny and strong.


Age: 4
Born: April, 2016

Nathan is a friendly child who loves to spend time at the beach with his siblings. He enjoys watching the Bucs play with his twin, Ethan, and when he wants to jam to some music, his go-to is Disney music. Nathan likes to be artistic at school with writing, drawing, or reading. When Nathan grows up he wants to be an architect and have a puppy to keep him company. Ethan wants a mom and dad for him and his siblings and hopes to find a family that will love his sweet and funny personality.

Photos courtesy of case management

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