Saturday, February 6th, 2016

FACES project: The Darlington Home

The Darlington Home is an intensive residential treatment program with psychiatric services and life skills training. Residents are referred from the state hospital and the community. The goal at Darlington Home is to help residents recover and become reintegrated into the community.


An artist and
the art of living.

When you reach the end of your rope, it can be daunting to stand back and look at how far you have to climb to get back on top. Marcy came to the Darlington Home feeling like she just couldn’t make it back up to the top. She felt hopeless, trapped in a dark void of depression and unsure of her future. Her depression and declining mental health led to substance abuse and homelessness.

As she battled with crippling depression, she learned new ways to cope, to give herself more self-assurance and realize her self-worth. Marcy’s honesty has led her to become a leader at the residential facility. Although she considers herself shy, she is the voice of her community. Fellow residents go to Marcy when they want their voices heard, but are too nervous or afraid to ask for themselves. Marcy selflessly acts on behalf of the whole, rather than herself. Marcy’s talents aren’t limited to her leadership skills and sociability. She is also an artist.

Marcy’s art has played a big part in her recovery. She can always be found working on some project—dexterously sculpting or painting—and is always eager to show off her work. Marcy is so proud of her artwork and uses it as a therapeutic tool. The caring folks at the Darlington Home encourage her to pursue her passions, anything that will help her figure out who she is and how she can take control of her life.

Marcy has flourished at the Darlington Home. She’s learned skills to stabilize her life and how to manage her resources. She is an independent woman and is adept at resolving conflicts. Her focus is always on the future, on what comes next, on the next few feet of rope that she must grab before she reaches the top.

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