Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Family Skill Builders Miami

helps at-risk families develop and maintain supportive parent-child relationships

The Family Skill Builders program offers weekly in-home counseling, case management, and parenting education program provided by Master’s level clinicians designed to serve families at risk of abuse and neglect. Families receive an average of two visits per week for up to 14 weeks, depending on family need.

Family Skill Builders helps at-risk families develop and maintain supportive parent-child relationships learn effective and appropriate tools to improve child behavior utilize positive communication build and strengthen family attachment

“My counselor helped me and my family tremendously. Can’t thank her enough”
“At first, I was nervous and didn’t want help but then we all opened up and realized how helpful the counseling was for our family”
“The service was great! I learned a lot about how to be a better parent!”
“I would recommend this program to any family that needs help. Thank you!”

Eligibility Criteria (a minimum of 3 must be indicated to be eligible)
  • Documented history of child abuse or neglect
  • Disruption in bonding and attachment between parent and child
  • Persistent serious family conflict Persistent and serious stress significantly impacting family function History of substance abuse Unrealistic expectations of child’s development inconsistent with norms Poor parental supervision, inappropriate or severe discipline practices and/or family management problems
  • Involvement with the juvenile justice system
  • Low income family
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Child(ren) or parent (s) with established and/or developmental conditions that impact family function
 Tools and Services
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • 24-hour On Call Services Family Support Funds Immediate response to referral
  • Holistic and individual Goal Setting and Treatment plan
  • Crisis Stabilization
  • In home delivery of services Research-based treatment and intervention practices Community coordination, support and resource building

5400 S. University Drive, Suite 507, Davie, FL 33328
Phone: 954.703.3581
Fax: 954.703.3585


In partnership with Children’s Services Council of Broward County