Sunday, February 7th, 2016

FACES project: The Homeless Shelter for Women & Children

The Homeless Shelter for Women & Children provides emergency housing and support. The shelter provides services that help women become independent and self-sufficient.


A real home for those without one.

In the face of adversity, it takes more than a little strength to pull through. Cindy is a very strong women and with the help of the Homeless Shelter for Women & Children, she has conquered her problems and flourished.

Cindy and her two children were living in substandard housing. When conditions became too unbearable, she turned to the shelter for support. Cindy’s motherly instincts never abandoned her, and despite her challenges, she still managed to enroll her children in preschool. At the shelter, she was determined to make changes and get back on her feet. She maintained a positive attitude at all times. Her focus was always her children and this gave her the strength to go out and get a job at a local daycare.

Cindy’s resourcefulness is boundless. She never failed to keep her children happy. On her daughter’s birthday, she held a barbeque at the shelter. She had gathered everything she needed except for the charcoal lighter. Originally hailing from Tennessee and familiar with “country” living, Cindy went into to the woods to find an oak tree. She stripped the bark off some trees and returned with an improvised fire starter.

Cindy’s children and the other children at the shelter made a community. They took care of each other. They built up each other’s self-esteem. As a collective, these children treated one another with sincerity and love.

Cindy has since secured her own apartment for her and her children and holds a steady job.

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