Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

FACES project: Adoption

Adoption Services can give a safe and secure family life to children who, for various reasons, can’t live with their birth family.  The Adoption Services Permanency Specialists provide the essential supervision for a successful and loving placement for children looking for their forever home.

Kyle, Ryan & Michael

Every child deserves a family.

Motherhood can be a chore for some and a delight for others. But sometimes, motherhood can be your life’s calling. Lyn is a mother, through and through. Adoption Services has given Lyn the opportunity to pour some of her motherly love into the lives of three young boys, Michael, Kyle, and Ryan. Lyn nurtures, teaches, provides for, and loves these boys unconditionally. Most importantly, she has given them a family.

Michael and Kyle are brothers, but vastly different. While Michael is more reserved and likes to fold origami, Kyle is rambunctious and adventurous. Ryan, the youngest, is very stubborn. Before Lyn took him into her family, he had behavioral problems. Since coming into Lyn’s home, he’s been nearly perfect.

The bond these three boys share with each other is obvious. Though only two are related, they treat one another no differently and are always keeping a close eye on each other.

Lyn’s skill as a mother can be traced back to her fully-grown biological children, her foster children, and now Michael, Kyle, and Ryan. Her warmth can be felt the moment she enters a room. Her parenting is firm, but never without a smile—evidence that she cherishes each one of her children. Lyn’s strength is great—during the adoption process, her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He passed away just one day before the adoption was approved. Not only is Lyn there for these children, but they are there for her as well. The amount of happiness they give her knows no end. “The oldest, Michael, he loves me more than anyone else in the world,” she said. “The littlest, Ryan, smiles about everything. He loves life.” Lyn’s children make her laugh every day, and make the pain of her loss a lighter burden to bear. She can’t say enough about the joy they bring her.

Adoption Services has given Lyn a bigger family with which to share her love. Michael, Kyle, and Ryan love her as much as she loves them and it is a bond that is unmistakable, unbreakable, and unbending.

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