Friday, April 18th, 2014

Rictaysha – Woman to Woman


Rictaysha was a pregnant teen of fifteen years old feeling scared and alone. Through the Woman to Woman program she was paired with a mentor who gave her strength, support [...]

Rene – Holocaust Survivor Program


Rene is a Holocaust survivor who spent time in Auschwitz and later escaped from the slave labor camp at the Krupp factory in Essen Germany with her sister and two [...]

Nicolle & Lindsley – Refugee Youth and Family Program


Nicolle & Lindsley are a mother and son who survived the recent Haitian earthquake and destruction of their home. While living and sleeping on the street, tragedy struck again. Lindsley, [...]

Miriam – Family Support Services


Miriam is a mother of three is trying to support her family and raise her children while suffering with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Her biggest concern as a single mother [...]

Juan – Florida Center for Survivors of Torture


Juan was a political prisoner in Cuba off and on for many years. The first time he was jailed was right after Fidel Castro came to power. He was a [...]

Jacob – Adoption Program


Jacob was a foster child in a lesbian couple’s home at a time when adoption for gay couples was illegal. Because this couple couldn’t adopt him and knew he’d have [...]

Florence – EGRTS Group Home


Florence is a senior who’s spent most of her 76 years in a state mental institution suffering from schizophrenia. She was a young mother when she was diagnosed and never [...]

Damian – Darlington Residential Treatment Facility


Damian was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a young man. He was reluctant to follow an appropriate medication regiment, resulting in many years of substance abuse and criminal activities. Once [...]